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Marvin Vance

Our people

A few minutes with Marvin Vance Read More

Caruth School of Dental Hygiene students at TDHA

Triple sweep

Caruth dental hygiene students clinch state research competition Read More

Hannah McCain

The gift of a smile

On the home stretch to her high school graduation, Hannah McCain dreamed of one thing to make this exciting time even more special: a new smile for her prom and graduation photos. That didn’t seem likely for the 17-year-old, who ... Read More

Dr. C. Moody Alexander

Smiles we remember: Dr. C. Moody Alexander

Chances are, if you’ve ever received a dollar from Dr. C. Moody Alexander, it’s never been spent. Maybe the bill is tucked into a wallet, or a drawer, or in the case of this writer, posted on a corkboard in your office. And why? Because you’re going to do the right thing. Read More