Texas A&M School of Dentistry

On Campus

Message from Dean García


Good to see everyone enjoy some time together – and a good lunch – as we start the spring semester. I look forward to the triumphs that lie ahead for our students, faculty and staff.

The last few years have been challenging, and I applaud the resilience of those who work and learn here.

In addition to undergoing a major revision of the predoctoral curriculum, everyone came together to facilitate a historic move with the construction of the new Clinic and Education Building – a magnificent outpatient facility and one of the first Texas A&M hospitals. The CEB opened in 2020, but the progress has not stopped. Those spaces are continually reviewed and reconfigured as needed, and very soon remodeling will be underway in the administration and education building to provide new space for faculty within the research enterprise. The newly renovated research space should be complete in 2025; while in the meantime, faculty continue to conduct and support prominent level, scientific work.

Immediately after moving into the CEB, a worldwide pandemic hit, forcing us all to reevaluate logistics of patient care and teaching methods. In the many months that followed and as the pandemic has eased, the campus welcomed several new faces, too, including me. Since arriving in October, I have met with department heads, associate deans and the administrative council, as well as with individuals, to better understand our culture and consider our future. The vision is one in support of our mission and alignment with Texas A&M University. Collectively, we will continue to invest in a work and learning environment that benefits and builds on our A&M strengths while recognizing our rich history as a framework for excellence.

In short, change is here. Outstanding faculty and staff continue to support our mission, and students, residents and postdocs rely on us. Intentional collaboration sets expectations and models professional behavior to graduate competent dentists, dental hygienists and dental specialists for the North Texas community and beyond.

As we move into 2023, let’s foster a collaborative spirit and focus on the future.

Best regards,

Dr. Lily T. García, Dean, Texas A&M University School of Dentistry