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New diplomates of the American Board of Dental Public Health


Texas A&M College of Dentistry celebrates the board certification of two dental public health graduates. Dr. Aparna Biradar, ’18, and Dr. Raghad Obeidat, ’20, both achieved certification with the American Board of Dental Public Health in May. This certification shows that they are professionals in the field of dental public health at a national level.

Biradar, originally from India, came to the College of Dentistry to complete her education. Obeidat has a similar story, coming to College of Dentistry to continue her education after completing her dental degree in Jordan. Biradar is assistant director of planning and assessment at the College of Dentistry. Obeidat currently works as a research fellow with the Texas A&M School of Public Health and says she will soon join the school as a clinical assistant professor.

“This opens up new avenues for me,” Biradar says. “It gives me confidence I can perform my duties at my best.”

“I like doing research, I like teaching,” Obeidat adds. “I believe my certification prepares me for that. At the same time, it also helps me get in touch with other dental public health professionals at a national level. It’ll be good for networking.”

Dr. Raghad Obeidat
Dr. Raghad Obeidat

The board certification process was tough, they say. The board exam is two parts, a written and oral exam. The candidates then present two research projects to the certifying committee and defend them. Biradar adds that they are also given a hypothetical public health crisis they need to design a solution for overnight.

“If we pass that we become diplomates,” Obeidat says.

The board certification gives them both new opportunities for career advancement, they say. Biradar says that she will focus on oral health research, mentoring residents, and study dental health for entire population groups, not just individuals. Obeidat says she will focus on research, as well, and teaching.