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Staff development day highlights embracing change


Texas A&M School of Dentistry’s annual staff development day inspired and motivated more than 130 people Jan. 4. Two common themes for the day were embracing change and excitement for the future.

“We are A&M’s crown jewel of healthcare in Dallas,” said Dean Lily T. García. “We’re the entry into total health. We should be very proud to be here, and I’m proud to work with each of you.”

García acknowledged the challenges faced by staff in recent years and reminded everyone that the school’s overarching goals remain the same: education, research and service.

“We do exactly what we do because we do it extremely well,” she said. “I see us only getting better. You guys have been through some tough times, but we’re moving ahead.”

The 2023 staff development day

Speakers were Shayla Rivera, aerospace engineer, comedian, and professor of practice and director of ENGR[x] at Texas A&M University, and Cherron Castillo, CEO of Fruitful Training Group. They both inspired the staff with Rivera encouraging everyone to shed the presumptions of others and know their potential is limitless, while Castillo fostered better communication, shared tips on dealing with stress and led the group in team building exercises.