Texas A&M School of Dentistry


Cultivating resilience

Instead of being told to “grind through it,” students are learning how to take better care of themselves through the school’s new Mental Health and Wellness Committee - a collaborative effort between faculty, alumni and students.


Featured Stories

  • Looking for the light

    The odds were stacked against dental hygiene graduate Kaitlin Jarman from day one, but fueled by faith and boundless energy, she has focused on the positive as she set out to build her own life.

  • Forging his own path

    Jorge Morillo's bright smile and positive attitude might lead some people to think dental school is easy, but there was a time he questioned his future in the field.

  • Cue the wedding bells

    Graduating dental students Erik Hager and Cara Coffman first met while interviewing at another dental school. Although it was not love at first sight, fate brought them both to Texas A&M School of Dentistry where friendship bloomed into romance.

Latest Stories

  • 2024 Teachers of the Year

    Congratulations to Dr. Victoria Woo and Professor Martha Alicia Estrada, BSDH, RDH! They were selected as the 2024 Teachers of the Year by the student body of Texas A&M School of Dentistry.

  • 10 honored at 2nd annual student awards ceremony

    Ten students were honored at the 2nd annual Exemplary Student Awards April 24. The winners of this year’s awards each received a commemorative trophy and $1,000.

  • Commencement 2024

    Congratulations, graduates! This year's commencement celebrated 103 students who earned DDS certificates, 29 students with dental hygiene degrees and 45 graduate students.